Brandable Names Have Roots

Brandable Names Have Roots  Brandable Names Have Roots

Now you might be thinking that we’re joking but we’re not and not only do Brandable names have roots but brandable domains have roots in more than one way.

The first way brandables have roots is that they often have Greek or Latin “roots” or origins to their names.  Take for instance, and; they all have the root word of “vox” and even “geo” in their names.

“Vox” is Latin for voice so any of these would be great for an audio music company, equipment company, speakers or anything you would want to bring a voice too.  Even the word “Geo” has a meaning.  This “Geo” comes from the Greek and means “Earth.”  So “VoxGeo” really means “voice” and “earth” and would be perfect for any company what wants to bring a voice to the earth or even a “green” company that has something to do with sound, music or anything you want to bring a voice to.

That is the first way brandable domains and company names have roots, the second way is it that they are a fresh young saplings waiting to be planted and grow roots into and industry and get huge.

We’ve spoken in the past about how brandable names can be just about anything you want them to be (Why Get a Brandable Domain Name and Great Reasons To Get a Brandable Domain Name), and that brandables can grow into something huge.

Brandables are ready to grow, grow and grow into an industry, just about any industry you need them to grow into.  As your business grows a brandable company name can grow right along with it.  Like roots brandables domains can grow into just about any direction and industry and can expand or contract as needed; that’s the beauty of not being nailed into a constricting or defining name.

We hope that we were able to express to how brandable names and domain names are like roots and we hope that you have some great ideas to put these brandables to work for.

If you have any questions about brandable domains or our selection of brandable domain names please let us know by using our Contact Us page or posting it below, we would love to answer it and if you have a question, chances are that others do as well so let’s have it!

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