The Expandable Brandable Name

brandable domain names Never Worry About Expansion With a Brandable Company Name

There is no doubt that Get Domainer loves brandable domain names and think that every business should consider getting one if they are starting a business or launching a product but the question is why do we love them so much?

We’ve given you some examples why we love brandable domain names and why a business should seriously consider getting one in the past with some examples being that, many brandables are raising in price and would make a good investment, they’re interesting, many brandables have root words you can build off of but that’s not all.  Like an accordion, brandable names can expand and contract with your business over the years.

So here’s a very common scenario, someone is starting a business and they need a name and a corresponding domain name but while they are starting out with developing software they are already looking to the future to create a service side of the business and even further perhaps physical hardware for computers as well.

This company needs to get funding to get started, but they can’t get funding without a name for their company.  Now they are just starting small and will be continually expanding so they don’t want a name that will constrict them in their expansion the same way a descriptive name would.  This would be the perfect use for a brandable company name.

Because names like Synra is made up they can continually add aspects to the company (ie – hardware division) at a later date and not worry about the company name where, “Hardware Giant” would limit their expansion.

The brandable company name will expand as you add aspects to your company and will contract if the time comes to sell off parts of the business.  Again if “Hardware Giant” needs to sell off their hardware division, you have to rebrand which is a time consuming and costly venture with a good chance you’ll lose considerable Brand Equity and Brand Recognition which you worked so hard to gain.

If you have any questions about how a brandable company name will work for you please feel free to contact us or just post a question below we’ll be glad to answer it.  Don’t forget to check out our other blogs!

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