Large Companies Getting Brandable Domain Names

Large Companies Getting Brandable Domain Names  Large Companies Getting Brandable Domain Names

More and more companies are getting brandable names and getting brandable domain names to go along with them, and that’s the fact.  Recently we received a comment on our New Car Gets Brandable Name about that very subject.  The reader stated that “There are more and more of these “brandable” names being used. I never really noticed them before but now I’m seeing them everywhere. Not sure if it is selective attention or not but so many companies are going with them.”

Well it might be a combination of both selective attention and that more and more companies and business are getting brandable names but we think it’s more the latter.  The article where the reader commented was just one example, in case you didn’t read it or see an example, Hyundai has come out with a new car in 2012, the Veloster.  Veloster is a combination of “Velosity” and “Roadster” to make a new and brandable name but Hyundai is not the only company.

Another great example of a large company getting a brandable name is Vivint.  Vivint totes itself as “one of the largest home automation companies in North America” and services home and office heaters in the US and Canada.  While Get Domainer is not exactly sure the branding process for this company, but after a quick search we we’re unable to get an answer as to the meaning of the word.  With the exception of this name being an acronym or have a personal meaning to the stakeholders in the company, this is a brandable name.

Being that Vivint just did re-brand in 2011 with a name change to Vivint, this makes them one of the earlier companies to get on the brandable name band.  So even large technological companies and auto companies are getting brandable names with their corresponding brandable domain names, don’t you think you should as well?

Let us know what you think about these brandable company names and brandable domain names by posting them below and don’t forget to check out Get Domainers branable domain names on our main page.

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