Why Get a Brandable Domain Name

Why Get a Brandable Domain Name Why Get a Brandable Domain Name

You know by now that at Get Domainer we love brandable domain names but you don’t have to take just our word for it.  The team here recently came across a great article discussing the recent first quarter sales posted at DN Journal, (the DN is Domain Name) and we knew we had to bring it to you.  The article discusses the fact that some of the best sales on domain names were brandable domain names.

Here are just some of the domain names on the list:

Calan.com    Acuto.com     Ormus.com   Havan.com

Porta.com    Isofa.com       zabel.com     Mayan.com

Akkus.com   Appon.com    Naomi.com   Vpure.com

Botin.com     Bomin.com    Aerda.com    Lusio.com


We don’t want to scare you with these large numbers but we do feel that we have some very good domains on here that warrant a decent price.  To check out the great article we are referring to in this blog click here and to get to our home page so you can look at some of the five letter domains and six letter domain names you can get follow those links.

As always if you have any questions about this post are about any of our domains or better yet, if you are looking to get one of these great domains please post it below or contact us through our Contact Us Page.

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