Great Reasons To Get a Brandable Domain Name

Why You Should Only Get a dot-com Domain Name Great Reasons To Get a Brandable Domain Name

The team here at Get Domainer believes in the value of getting a brandable domain name for a company or getting a domain name for a product but we’re also a big bunch of skeptics and don’t really believe everything that people say.

That said we expect that there are many people like us and do not just believe anything and everything that they see or read so we will be continually be bringing you great articles and posts by other people we feel that you would be interested in and other people that also believe in the power getting a brandable domain name.

We came across this article about that sold for $11,600.  This article was published in Domain Shane who is one of the more trusted bloggers in the field but the facts are fact and the prices are the prices and anyone can look up the sale price. Sells for $11,600: Quality Short Names Still Increasing in Value

By Shane Cultra – September 3, 2011 –

You’ve heard me preach the value of a quality 5 letter dot com for years.  The market has really heated up this year with names now consistently reaching into the four figures.  A deleting name hit $11,600 at Namejet.

I was willing to even pay $3-5K for the name but bidding soared past the number. This has been the case for many short, “brandable” type names at auction or drop over the last few months.  Five letter, six letter names that have that startup or app sound have flourished. hit $467, went for $200, brought $2900.  The names ending in ly (not the tld) have done well with names like, which hit $560.

The next question I always get is, “how do you pick out the names that are going to do well?”.  My answer is vague.  You just have to have that feeling of what types of names the startup or app people are looking for.  The names ending in ly or dropped vowels (like labl) continue to do well.  They almost always can be looked at and pronounced properly.  If you have to tell them how to pronounce it, the value automatically drops.

I am always looking for names of this caliber but nobody has a clue what “this caliber” means.  Everyone seems to think they have a twing but in reality they have a Not even close.  I’m opening a can of worms here but if you’re willing to be criticized in public (or praised), send me your best 5, five or six letter brandable dot com (dot com only) and I’ll evaluate them. It will give everyone a sense of what I feel are good or bad names.

If you are interested in the entire story there’s a link above and we think its a worthwhile read.  We really agree with the author about the significance of short and powerful brandable domain names and we agree further with interesting names that sound like they could be apps or products or anything are increasing in price everyday.

To check out our short domain names or powerful domains and even better to get one of the domain names we have just follow the links or check out our main page.  If you have any comments about these short and powerful domain names please let us know by posting a comment below.  We’ll be happy to hear any of your comments.

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