Get Domainer Frequently Asked Questions

What Do All Of These Names Mean?

All the names that you see on our site are known as “brandable” domain names.  These brandable domains are names that have no specific meaning and have been developed for a wide range of different businesses or products.  They were in fact created so that they are not constricting and can easily grow along with your company or business or product.

While we say they “have no meaning” some of these brandable domain names have some Greek or Latin roots, such as “vox” for “voice” or “geo” for earth.  These names are based in some meaning, they are still quite broad and would not be limiting for a business.

You’ll also see some domain names that part or partial words in them.  These names have been put together to form new and interesting domains.

One of the greatest aspects of these innovative domain names is that, because they are invented there is a better chance that you would be able to trademark the name down the road.

To learn more about brandable domain names please read or blog on that matter.

Is Get Domainer Right For Me?zydar great domain name for a business

If you’re looking to get the best domain name for your business, company, product or any online presents, Get Domainer is the right site for you.  We have the best interesting and most interesting domain names on the web.

They’re short, they’re powerful and they’re all ready to be molded into an amazing business or businesses.

zoltus get this domain name for your businessIs a Short Name Better For My Company?

Yes, almost always, the shorter the domain name, the better for your business.  The longer the domain name the more likely it is for someone to misspell the name into a web browser.  It’s also more likely for your potential clients to jot down your name down wrong if it is long and confusing.

We’ve had some of our domain name experts prepare some information on why shorter domain names are better for your business in a great blog.

How Do I Pay for My Domain Name?vysox a domain name for a business

There are several ways to pay to pay for your domain name. The first is through our secure server.  Just click on the domain name, go to the shopping cart and make sure everything is correct.

From there, fill in your correct billing information, click proceed and you’ll be directed to our papal page.  Here you’ll get to choose how to pay, this is how you’ve set up previously set up your account or you use your credit card through their secure server.

If you would like we would be glad to send you a PayPal invoice or if you’re more comfortable please give us a call or we’ll call you and take your credit card over the phone.

We’re here to help you get your domain as soon as possible.

How Do I Get the Domain Name?

As soon as we’ve completed the payment for the domain name we will initiate the transfer process, depending on what domain name host you’re with you’ll get the domain between two hours and three business days.

What Do I Need To Get the Domain Name?

All you’ll need to get the domain name is a domain register account.  It doesn’t matter which domain register you go with, that’s totally up to you.

Most domain registers are free to set up and only take a few minutes.  Some of the largest registers are GoDaddy, Host Gator and 1&1.  Once you have an account we just need some information to transfer the domain into your account.

How Long Does The Transfer Process Take?

voxist get a domain name

It really depends on which domain register you decide to go with.  Our domain names are registered with GoDaddy and if that is the domain register you decide to go with or it’s the one you have already, then the transfer process is rather quick, a few hours or so.

If you’re with another domain register, it does take a little longer do to more back and forth, usually within 2 to 3 business days, often quicker.  From our register to yours there is just a few simple steps, don’t worry we’ll help you along the way.

When I Get the Domain Name, Do I Own It Forever?

ultimate aid get a domain name

Well that’s totally up to you.  Depending on the register that you go with, you’ll have the option to register the name for 1 year, 3 years, 5 years and sometimes more.  Most registers have an automatic renewal button that you can click that will automatically renew the domain without you ever have to think about it.

As long as that button is clicked or you keep register the name, you can have the domain name forever.

Don’t worry all registers are in business of keeping your domain name with them.  They’ll send quite a few reminder emails that don’t let you forget that you’re coming up for renewal.

If I Have More Questions, How Can I Contact You?ubler get an interesting domain name

No problem, if you have any questions, just go to to our Contact Us Page and fill out the form, we’ll be more than happy to get back to you as soon as possible.

We’ll also be happy to take your call.

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