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We’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Brandable names are just popping up everywhere now and recently a Brandable name popped up in my coffee!

If you’re like any one of the Get Domainer staff you love coffee or tea and you’ll have several cups throughout the day.  So, the other day looking to refill the sweetener container I went to the store and sure enough there it was a beautiful Brandable name right on the shelves in front of me, TruVia!

The full name of the product is “TruVia, Nature’s Calorie – Free Sweetener” but is known and advertised as TruVia and maybe, just maybe, someone on the naming team listened to us because they’re

I like the product and that’s all I’ll say about the actual product, we’re not hear for taste testing, but as a naming professional, I love, love, love that Brandable name!  It’s perfect!  How can you get better then a six letter product name?  It’s smart and interesting, it’s different and sounds fresh and light, which in perfect alignment with the product itself.

Let’s break this name down a little and look at the logo and see what it is about it that just love.

First, length of product name, 6 letters is perfect.  It’s short and powerful, easy to remember and easily communicated and if you read this blog often you’ll know, we believe that short domain names are better for your business.

Second, let’s look at the word itself; it can be broken down into two different sections.  The first section is “tru” and this is we’re assuming is short for “true” which we really love.  True can have so many connotations.  You only want to by “true” food or being that this is a natural sweetener you want people to know that it is truly calorie free and truly natural.

The second word is “via” or “by way of” and is Latin in origin.  We also love when brandable product names have roots in Greek or Latin words.  When you put these two words together you get an name that sounds like the way of truth or truth by way of; any way you put it, it sounds good and they sound great together.

I wanted to point out how they dotted the “I” in “via.”  It was a really smart idea to add the leaf as the dot.  The dot is meant to look like a stevia plant leave and whether you know that or just think it’s any ordinary it has a very natural feel to it and that’s just the point.

We love the name and it’s just another perfect example of the world using more and more brandable product names and brandable domain names.  Take a look at our available Brandable Domain Names and please let us know if we can make a deal.

Let us know what you think about this brandable product name or if you’ve come across any name that you want us to discuss, we’d love to hear from you.

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