Is a Short Domain Name Better For My Business?

Is a Short Domain Name Better For My Business  Is a Short Domain Name Better Then a Long Domain Name for My Business?

The short answer and the one agreed to by almost every authority on the subject is YES.

Now we could end the blog here but we thought we would get into the reasons the experts on the matter believe this to be the case.

The first reason why shorter domain names are better is because it is easier to remember.  Let’s use Get Domainer as our first example, would you be able to remember this website if it were called  While it’s true, boy is it a mouthful.

Why not name your company this long name; people would know what you do right?

The problem is how could you ask your potential customers to remember that?  Would they even have a chance to remember it?  You think they would remember the domain name if they are driving past a billboard or a building with that name on it?

Would you be able to get your potential customers to remember it if you told them your company name at a convention or if you met someone on a plane?  What about that name on a commercial, you’ll have your potential customers scrambling around looking for a pen and paper.

Another reason experts agree why a shorter name is better than a longer the name, the more chance there is for someone to misspell your domain.  Now while you might be asking yourself that’s not too big of a deal but if you’ve read our, What is a Domain Name article, you’ll know that a domain name is really just an address for your business.

People typing that “address” into the browser are really like people driving to your store and you’re asking people to remember those directions and get in their car and drive.  Every letter in your domain name is like another street to turn on or another possible way for someone to get lost.  An “o” for a “t,” an “y” for a “c,” a left turn and not a right turn, you’ve got my drift.  That said, if your domain name is 20 letters long then that is 20 characters for someone to get wrong.

This reason is simple and it’s just math, the more letters the more chances to get it wrong and the shorter, less opportunity.  Now, you might say, big deal so they type a wrong key, well that’s like giving someone the wrong address to your business and they pull into your neighbors lot.  What happens if your neighbor is also a competitor?

There are a lot of companies that pray on other businesses by having similarly spelled names or common misspelling of words in the other businesses’ names.  With a long domain name there are more chances for a misspelling and more chances to be sending your business to one of these predatory companies.

It is true that domain length on average are increasing in length, a study has just come out that states the average domain name length is eleven characters, up from ten a few years back.  The average is going up because everyone wants shorter names and people are being forced into longer domain names.

That said, and here comes some self-promotion so prepare yourself, the average length of the brandable domain names on the Get Domainer website is five.  We have some three and four and other names up to twelve and we’ll never go over that.

Please let us know if we can help you find the perfect short and powerful domain name for your business. Also let us know if you’ve had any experiences with really long domain names or if you have any questions or even any blog subject requests.

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