What Makes a Great Domain Name

What makes a great domain name for your business?  If you were listening to us we would say that a great name is short, packs a punch, easy to communicate and is meaningful to your target market.

But we understand that you may not just want to take our word for it so we went out on a search and found a great video from the people at SEO.com and what it is that they think makes a great domain name and great business name.

Check out this great video on what makes a great domain name:

We really like the ideas in this video but we would have to add that we really like expandable brand names and expandable company names.  These are names that are nonspecific and non-restricting and can grow with your business.  Quite a few of this type of names are the ones that you’ll find on this site.

If you have any questions that we can answer or if you have any names that you would like us to discuss please let us know, we’ll be glad to do it.

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