Why You Should Only Get a .com Domain Name

Why You Should Only Get a dot-com Domain Name  Why You Should Only Get a .com Domain Name

One thing you would notice about this site is that we ONLY have .com domain names.  We know that if you are going to get a domain name you have to get a .com.

With the release of all the new TLD’s (Top Level Domains or anything that comes after the final “.” Ex .com, .net, .edu ect) there is quite a bit of temptation to get a domain name that is not a .com.   But you might be wondering why we really think .com is the way to go.  Why can’t you get another TLD domain name?

.Com has become the default for all major businesses, period.  That’s it.  If you need an example take a look at your IPhone, what TLD pops up when you are putting in a website, .com.  Now when we say “default” we mean that if you don’t specifically tell people that you are example.com they are going to use the .com TLD.  If you don’t believe us we have a great example of one huge company who got this totally wrong.

Ever hear of Over Stock or OverStock.com the company that sells products at discount online?  Last year they decided to get on board with the new TLD’s and purchased O.Co.  They did not own O.com and that was a huge mistake.  All of last year Overstock kept advertising for O.co and that it seemed turned out to be a disaster, a huge disaster at that.

O.Co reported a loss of hundreds of millions of dollars!  It seems that up to 61 percent of their clients naturally went to O.com and not O.co.  61%, darn we wish we would have owned O.com, they’re the true winners in this situation.

Now with that said there continues to be more and more TLD’s being released making the .com TLD more and more prominent in the marketplace.  If you are going to get a domain name for your company, domain for a business or product domain name, get a .com domain name.

Do you have any examples of where companies went wrong with going with a TLD that was not a .com.  We’re pretty sure the Over Stock is the biggest example but we would love to hear others.  If you are interesting in getting one of our domain names that are .com just follow the link to or main page.

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