Is a Brandable Name a Word?

Is a Brandable Name a Word  Is a Brandable Name a Word?

So we’ve been having some big discussions here at the Get Domainer office recently and we thought we would share it with you.  The discussion occurred when someone referred to a brandable name as a word.  There were some brief name calling but in the end the main objection is that some people consider the brandable names a word and the others do not.  There are two major camps and things are heating up around here.

Now while we must say both camps love brandable names and brandable domain names the heat really starts when we call them words.  Half of the Get Domainer camp feal that because the brandable name is made up and you would not find this name in a dictionary that the name is not a word.

The other camp feels that just because the bradable name is made up and even though it’s not in a dictionary it doesn’t matter it is still a word.  A word just doesn’t become a word when it is put in a dictionary, a word becomes a word when it has meaning and it is used.

Perhaps both sides of this debate are correct; could this be possible?  Maybe these brandable domain names aren’t words until someone gives them meaning.  If someone were to buy “Fydox” while that brandable domain name doesn’t have meaning now, perhaps when the owner attaches it to their technology company, only then does it have a meaning and transform into a word.

Once someone gets a brandable domain name and give it a purpose then the brandable name becomes a word, because words need to have a meaning to exist.  What do you think about this debate?  Are brandable names words?  Do “words” need a purpose before they become words?

We would love to hear what you think about this debate, let us know leave us some comments below.  If you are looking to get a brandable domain name check out our main page and check out more info about brandable domain names here.

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