Why We Love Brandable Domain Names

available brandable domain namesWhy We Love Brandable Domain Names

(Update – “A day without learning is a day wasted” as the old adage goes.

Since we’ve started this site some years ago we’ve learned a lot and one of the biggest things we’ve learned is that the term “Brandable Domain Name” tends to be a very Domain Name Industry insider thing and means absolutely nothing to anyone trying to start a business.

If you’re starting a Garden Shop, Tire Store, Advertising Agency or even an IT Tech Company, you have no idea what a “brandable” is and nor should you.  We’re the experts in our field and you on yours (We can’t tell the difference between and azalea and a rhododendron!).

So, going forward, after speaking with some of your clients we feel we’ve settled on a happy middle ground; brandable domain names are now being called “Multiple Industry Domain Names” or “Multi-Industry Domains.”

These are still the same great domain names that will… work across multiple industries, are fresh and exciting and can really make a splash. We’re sorry for all the confustion and we hope this helps everyone looking for a eye-catching domain name for their new business!


The Get Domainer Team loves brandable domain names and we think that if you’re going to get a domain name, a brandable domain name is quite possibly the way to go.  But what is it about the brandable domain names that we love so much, what exactly is a “brandable” domain and why would a brandable domain name work for you?

The idea behind a brandable domain name is that it doesn’t mean anything.  Some of the brandable domain names may have partial words while some of them may have some roots in Greek or Latin origins or even have some meaning in other languages but, as they stand they have no really meaning in the English language.   They are in all purposes meaningless.

Now you might be asking yourself, “why would I get a domain name that is meaningless when I want people to know what I’m doing.”  Our question to you would be, “If you were able to find that perfect domain name, what are you doing here?”  The fact remains that most domain names that are descriptive and short, those “perfect domain names” are either already taken or if you can find them and they’re for sale they’re extremely expensive.

The beauty of the brandable domain name is that are some still available and they are ready to for you to make something out of them.  The Get Domainer team likes to refer to brandable domain names to sand in a sandbox.  The domain names are just waiting for you to mold them into sandcastles, fish, stars, cars or whatever and make them as big and beautiful as you like.  What was “yahoo” before it was “Yahoo” or “google” before “Google” the list goes on and on.

Another bonus of getting a brandable domain name is that when it comes time to TradeMark the name, if you’re developing this domain name into a company, business or product is that there is less chance that you’ll find a similar name within you Classification of Goods and Services as established by the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO.Gov).  Getting a brandable domain will make your life easier when that time comes.

If you have any questions as to why brandable domain names are so great or any comments about this article let us know by posting it below or even use our Make an Offer page to send us a message.  To get one of our available domain names or Get a Domain page follow the links and make us an offer we can’t refuse!

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