How Get Domainer Works

how get domainer works How Get Domainer Works

(update- since we first tried the “Name Your Own Price” model for Get Domainer, we’ve been flooded with requests for $0.01 offers.  We feel the domain names are worth far more than that so, we’ve moved to a more stranded pricing model.

We still feel that getting a domain name on this is far more inexpensive than other sites we have been to.

The Get Domainer Team would also like to state that if you’re interested in one of the domains on this site and you feel your offer is in the “ballpark” of the price we have listed it at on our site, we will be more than happy to entertain it, so please send us those in, we will try to accommodate it.

Thanks for checking out our site, we still hope you have found tons of great information and tips for getting a domain name.

Welcome to Get Domainer, we’re glad you’re here.  A short time ago the team here at Get Domainer had an interesting idea, why not let people tell us how much they think our brandable domains are worth.  We know that there are a million reasons why people are looking to get a domain name and we know that many sights just think way too highly of themselves and want way to much for the domains their holding.

Our thinking was that if someone is serious about getting a domain name because they are starting a business or getting a domain name to start a blog or even looking to get a domain to start an online community they would take this process seriously and make a reasonable offer.

So all you have to do is scroll through our hundreds of available domain names and either click on the domain name or jump over to our Make an Offer Page and do just that.  Simply fill out your Name, Email, Domain and Offer and that’s it.  We’ve also included a Message area when you can let us know your preferred way of contact or any other information that you feel will help us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

The Get Domainer team is really excited to see how this goes and we know you’re excited to get some domain names at a great price, so go ahead and make an offer!

If you have any questions about How Get Domainer Works, please we’re always happy for questions, usually because other people have the same question, let us know by posting it below.  Also let us know if you think this is an interesting concept or we’re just kidding ourselves, we want to know that as well, let us know, we promise we wont bite!

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