Video Tips for what to do after getting a Domain Name

Recently we posted a great video called What Makes a Great Domain Name and we had a log of great comments and compliments so we guess everyone out there loves videos.  We agree so we promise to post more of them in the future.

That said we came across another great video tutorial, this one from Domain Sherpa, is entitled “How to Increase Domain Names Value by 400 Percent.”  We really think there are some great tips in here, on what to look for in a domain name and how a domain name can be priced or even what you should do after you buy a domain name.

Check out this insightful video on domain names:

One thing we’re really not sure about is how he’s building a package with twitter and other sites.  Unlike domain names, it’s not as important to have an exact match twitter handle.  Your Facebook page and Twitter account should be attached to your page and each other anyway so there’s not going to be that much confusion.

What do you think?  Do you have any tips for buying domain names?  Please let us know if you have any tips or if you have any questions we can answer abut domain name!

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