New Car Gets Brandable Name

brandable name for a big car company Brandable Name for New Car

We were so excited to see even huge car companies are getting on the brandable band wagon!  Durring a recent walk through a parking lot we were taken aback by the new 2012 Hyundai Veloster.  What the heck is a Veloster you ask?

Well it’s a brandable name and it meant nothing until the people at Hyundai made it into a car, that’s what a Veloster is.  We wish we could have been in the meeting room when they were coming up with this great name.

We weren’t there but we think it went something like this:  someone says they need to get a new and fresh name, something modern and forward sounding to reflect the new and innovative car.  Something new and different has to be created, what does a car do?

How do we tell people the car is fast and quick, not your grandmothers car, how about “velocity?”  We also want to tell people that this new car has three doors, well let’s go with “roadster.”  Roadster is a car with two or three seats, well this car has three doors, lets use that word.

Obviously they can’t use “velocity” because they can’t get the domain name because someone is using and wont let it go or they will but for way to much.  But there is another problem as well beside the domain name.  Because the velocity is part of the American vernacular you can not trademark the name; which could cause serious problems down the line.

That problem are the same with “roadster.”  Here’s what we love:  some smart person in the naming process thought, “let’s smash them together and make an entirely new word (or brandable name, as we like to call it).”

The beauty of this new brandable name is that they were able to get the corresponding brandable domain name, and my guess at a low price if not free and they are now able to trademark the new word.  They will forever be able to use this name without anyone being able to use it.

We here at Get Domainer applaud the Hyundai company for embracing the beauty of a brandable company name and the brandable domain name.  To see a list of  our brandable company names or get a brandable domain name of your own please just follow the link.

Now we want to know what you think of the brandable name “Veloster?”  You love it, you hate it, we want to hear it by posting your opinions below.  Do you think it’s a good idea, do you even have a better name for the car?

Thanks for reading!

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