Brandable Domain Names Vs. Multiple Industry Domain Names

multiple industry domain nameMultiple Industry Domain Names

Domain names are not all created the same.  Many domain names are designed specifically for a particular product or industry.  These are domains that are industry specific, location specific or even address specific but not all domain names are like that.

There is another type of domain name out there and you might have heard us and other people in the industry, describe them as brandable domain names but, we don’t think that name really fits so, we’re going to start calling them “multi-industry” domain names.

We’re starting this change because “brandable” doesn’t really mean anything.  We think that Multiple Industry is much more fitting a name because these domain names are applicable in just that, multiple industries.

It doesn’t matter if you’re in the lumber industry, launching a software company, an IT Company, or any other business, these domain names will work.

While these domains are still brandable in just about any industry we think this new name is more fitting.  These are the same type of domain names that are useful in many different industries, categories, and for just about any product under the sun.

These Multiple Industry Domain Names are still unrestrictive as far as growing your business.  You can grow and expand your business under these domains, you can add products and never have to worry about your limiting name, and you can even sell these products off and again, never worry about being tied down by a restricting domain name.

Don’t worry about the name change, these are the same great domains but we’re just have a new name for them.

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